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You are a good law abiding driver. You adhere to speed limits on the road, do not run red lights and never use mobile phone whilst driving. Many accidents happen on the roads of Britain and insurance companies will try denying your claims so that they do not have to pay out. Whether you are in minor or major accident, the other driver of the vehicle may see it differently to how you saw it.

This is where having a dash cam in your car can be very useful. These cameras just simply sit on your dashboard or are fixed to your windscreen and will record your driving journey. As these dash cams have become affordable to the public, it has seen a surge in them being used more with likes of the police, bus drivers, long distance truck drivers, taxi drivers and private car owners all now seeing the benefit of using this valuable device in their vehicles.

Dash cams are very popular in countries like the United States of America, Poland, Russia and Japan. The police in the United States use these cameras to record evidence at traffic stops.

The number of dash cams in vehicles within the UK stands currently at 3%. Research done by RAC found that four in ten car owners were looking to purchase a dash cam and that 60% wanted to have a camera in their vehicle so that they would have video evidence in the event of accident they were involved in.

Video Evidence of Accident

Nobody likes being in accident of any sort but if you are the dash cam will have captured everything that happen. If the other driver of the vehicle is telling their insurance a different story about the accident, you can feel assured in the knowledge you have proof about what really happened. Your insurance company can use this evidence against the other driver and their insurance to deny the claims made against you, which may result in them dropping the case or it may end up going to court but all the evidence will be in your favour.

Crash for Cash

Some motorists on the road blatantly cause an accident and will then blame the other driver. They may claim a lot of damage has been done to the vehicle or are faking injuries in order to get a higher payment from your insurance company.

In a report by the Insurance Fraud Bureau in 2013, they estimated that the annual cost of ‘crash for cash’ was at £392 million and that 1 in 7 of all personal injury claims were linked to these scams.

Report Bad Driving

Another use of the dash cam is that it can be used to report bad drivers. Anyone can be put into danger by another vehicle and video evidence from the dash cam can be used drunk drivers, distracted drivers, dangerous drivers and road rage incidents. Some users post videos of bad drivers onto YouTube so the whole world gets to view how bad they are.


Some dash cams offer a feature called ‘parking mode’ whereby it will turn the dash cam into a surveillance camera when the car is parked up. If another vehicle hits your car and then drives away, you will have the video evidence of them doing this.

If you are looking to buy a dash cam, they are well worth the investment. Even though it will not bring your insurance premiums down, if you are ever in an accident and it is not your fault, then this will be crucial evidence for you and your insurance company to have when defending you against the other driver.

This article was written by Andrew Wall, he works for, who sells a range of dash cams.

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