The Benefits of Working as a Self-Employed Lorry Driver

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While the concept of independent contracting is not suitable for everyone, there is certainly ample opportunity for aspiring freelancers and business owners to make their mark in the current economic climate. With widespread growth and technological advancement having a huge impact on small and medium sized business owners, there has never been a better time to work remotely from home and market your core commercial skills. This is possible regardless of your occupation or the industry that you operate in, as even lorry drivers can take the decision to work independently.

The Benefits of Contracting as a HGV Lorry Driver

In fact, there are multiple reasons for HGV lorry drivers to make the transition between working for a recognised firm and operating as a sole trader or contractor, including the following: -

1. Establish Your own Hours

One of the single biggest issues facing lorry drivers is their working hours, which can often be extremely anti-social and challenging for individuals with families or young children. While this is occasionally unavoidable for lorry drivers, however, working as an independent contractor at least enables you to regulate your working hours and assume control of your schedule. This is a blessing in such a competitive market, as it enables you to maintain a better work-life balance and provide a flexible service to clients

2. Take Control of Your Financial Destiny

In terms of finances, it is hard to work for another company while also understanding the payroll process and procedures. You are required to place a huge amount of trust in your employers, but it is hard to ensure that they are always acting in your very best interests. This is not an issue for freelancers, however, who can control every aspect of their operation from taxation to the procurement of viable insurance from a viable service provider such as One-Sure Insurance. This not only helps you to reduce costs but it also gives you an opportunity to ensure you are compliant with national laws.

3. Build and Scale Your Career

The structure of a lorry driving career is unlike many others, as there are very few options in terms of future advancement and development. This can make it extremely difficult to evolve and move into more senior or management positions, especially when you are preoccupied with completing day to day tasks and earning a viable wage. As a freelancer, however, it is far easier to plot your own career path and network with companies that can aid your personal development. The flexibility that this offers is extremely appealing, especially in a country that rewards hard work and initiative such as the UK.

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    hi i want take credit and buy lorry ,but im not ganna drive any id what to do?