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It’s that time of year again, the Christmas lights are up, the gritters are out and the elves are busy preparing Santa’s sleigh for its magical annual voyage. It’s also the time of year for giving and we all know that finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be a mission and a half. However, if that special someone is in to cars then, you’re in look as we’ve just finished test driving some of this year’s hottest in car gadgets and here are six of the best.

#1 Auto Glym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels and Interior Gift Collection

We all have a friend who suffers from obsessive car cleaning disorder (well most of us) and this is guaranteed to make their face shine brighter than the lights on your Christmas tree. Forget the £10k car wash, this Auto Glym car valet kit has everything you could possibly need for a top-notch valet. From bodywork shampoo to resin polish and even alloy wheel seal, that P reg Fiesta will be looking as good as new in less time than it takes to hit 60 from standstill.

Sounds pricey, right? Wrong! Retailing at just £60, the Auto Glym option provides exceptional value for money.

#2 Alco Sense Lite Breathalyzer

Now we all know that no drink is the best policy, but given that the festive period lends itself to embracing a drop or two of port the line between legal limit and too much to drink can easily become blurred. There’s also the possibility of remaining over the limit the morning after, something many of us our guilty of overlooking. So, become a life saver, quite literally (well possibly) and buy your loved one a Alco Sense Lite Breathalyzer, at just £39.99 it’s a ‘grab me now’ type bargain. If that’s not enough to convince you, What Car? Rated this as the best sub £40 breathalyser on the market, deal done.

#3 Breffo Spiderpodium

Lending its name and number of legs from our universally feared eight legged friends, the Breffo Spiderpodium in-car phone cradle has won countless design awards. It’s probably the best looking, most ingenious and reasonably price in car phone holder we’ve tested and can even double as a desktop iPad cradle. Now for the price, which is a bit of a shocker, retailing at just £14.99, it’s cheap. Furthermore, buy one now and you will also receive a free earphone tidy, that’s a gift for a mate and a little freebie for yourself, woop!

#4 iOBD2 Engine Diagnostics

Forget your local garage owner and his overpriced engine diagnostic machine, meet the iOBD2, which almost sounds like something from an instalment of Star Wars, but stick with me on this one as it could save you a bomb, it’s also a fantastic Christmas gift for the ‘do it yourself’ mechanics among us.

The iOBD2 is a tiny plug in engine diagnostic device, connected to your smartphone via built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the device is pre programmed to recognise countless fault codes from countless manufacturers. We tried it out on a 08 reg Renault Meganne and managed to diagnose a pair of faulty glow plugs within seconds, epic! The iOBD2 is available for just £52 and the accompanying app is downloadable for free on both Android and iOS.

#5 Car Seat Gap Fill

Gap Fill is intended to quite literally ‘fill a gap’, the one between the front seat and the bulge of the hand brake/gear stick housing. Why does this gap need filling? Picture this for a second, you’re driving along and all of a sudden you hit a bump or grove in the road and some of your change slides out of your pocket and into the ‘never to be seen again’ depths of the open gap.

However, invest just £12 in a Gap Fill and you can simply scoop that loose change back up again, it literally stops anything, phones, keys and bank cards included. This is perhaps the most practical and useful gift idea on this entire list, buy one for a friend or colleague and you will be best buds for life.

#6 RAC Telescopic Snow Brush, Squeege, Ice Scraper

This is literally the dog’s bollocks of ice scrapers. Okay, with a quick ‘corner of the eye’ glance it my appear to be little more than a seriously overengineered ice scrapper, but look a little closer and you will begin to appreciate it for what it really is, a super-mean, hand operated de-icing machine.

However, it doesn’t stop there, this is a three in one, one being the ice scraper, of course, two being a snow brush for removing snow form the roof or bonnet and three being a squeege for clearing loose snow and water from the windscreen. Currently, on sale at £20.99, the Rac snow scraper is one of the best sub £25 gifts for long distance commuters.

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Joseph is a dedicated and passionate motoring enthusiast. Usually found behind the wheel of a white Ford Fiesta ST, but dreams of driving a Bugatti Veyron. Connect with Joseph via Twitter.

  • Ellie Bromilow

    the RAC scraper – I buy a scraper every year and my man seems to end up with them in his car – i think he likes to collect them!

    • Joseph Cann

      This one is definitely up to the job. It’s a fantastic bit of kit! Good luck!

  • John Pearce

    The Auto Glym Perfect Bodywork would come in great use after this bad weather. The car is looking a bit worse for wear at the minute.

    • Joseph Cann

      I know the feeling! Is your car white by any chance? They’re an absolute nightmare to keep clean this time of year, but the Auto Glym gift package literally has everything you need, it would have the car looking like a brand new just rolled of the forecourt model in no time at all. Good luck!

  • JamieLMDJs

    #6 RAC Telescopic Snow Brush, Squeege, Ice Scraper… The bad weather she’s a coming and I need to be ready.

    • Joseph Cann

      Some call it an overengineered ice scrapper, but this really is an ingenious piece of kit, it’s also easy to fold away for storage in the boot. Good luck with the competition.

  • Paul Wilson

    Alco Sense Lite Breathalyzer

    • Joseph Cann

      Good choice! You never know when one of these might come in handy.

  • Christine Hall

    I like to get my car ready for the winter to feel safe when driving

  • Andy Caldwell

    RAC Telescopic Snow Brush, Squeege, Ice Scraper

  • Lynn Ward


    RAC Telescopic Snow Brush, Squeege, Ice Scraper sounds amazing, its like winter wonderland where i live during the winter :) thanks x

  • Kelly Roxanne Smith

    i like the sound of the RAC Telescopic Snow Brush, Squeege, Ice Scraper – ideal for the damn weather round here :) thanks

    • Joseph Cann

      I hear there’s more bad weather on the way too. Best of luck.

  • Janet Humphrey

    Would be the auto glym kit, just bought new car after years of having old and v rusty one, though all in prize bundle very handy. Retweeted as mrshumphreyjr

    • Joseph Cann

      Good luck and thanks for entering Janet. The Auto Glym kit is a great choice.

  • Ruth Harwood

    Definitely the Ice scraper for those cold and icy mornings x

  • Mark Chamberlin

    Nice prizes. I had to scrape the car yesterday morning and the tiny scraper wasn’t up to the job so I’d like a better one!

  • maci234

    would love all of the items fandabidozy giveaway

  • Denfor Hopkins

    Alco Sense Lite Breathalyzer

  • Maddalena Spadone Dalton

    Ice scraper

  • Deb Beville

    It has to be the Breffo Spiderpodium – with a name like that it would have to be fabulous

  • delta1971

    Amazing prizes, Merry Christmas to you all, would love #2 Alco Sense Lite Breathalyzer hope you all have a very Happy New Year

  • Angela

    Auto glym bits!!

  • Brenda Heads

    My son has promised to clean my car once a month for the next year as my Christmas present so I would like the Auto Glym Perfect Bodywork gift set.

  • Katherine Coldicott

    Would like the Auto Glym, used it a few times and found it to be very good.

  • Chris Michael

    #6 RAC Telescopic Snow Brush, Squeege, Ice Scraper

  • Anthea Holloway

    Auto Glym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels and Interior Gift Collection

  • Andrew McDermott

    RAC Telescopic Snow Brush

  • Dave Edwards

    The diagnostic kit – would save me a fortune!

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    Auto Glym Perfect Bodywork would really make my car look better

  • Michelle Clarke

    #2 Alco Sense Lite Breathalyzer

  • Kate Deakin

    The gapfill – genius idea

  • Dawn Costen

    Most definitely the Autoglym, my car has been neglected of late and the alloys are looking black rather than silver!

  • Helen S

    The Breffo Spiderpodium sounds fab and would be my favourite item I’d love to get my hands on, unlike a real spider though, I’d run a mile!

  • englishman2

    Alco Sense Lite Breathalyzer- ideal for checking your safe to drive the morning after the night before

  • Erica Price

    The snow and ice gear would be great this time of year.

  • janine atkin

    the breathaliser

  • Patricia Avery

    Would love the Autoglym pack. Got one with our new car 5 years ago. Brilliant stuff but a tad expensive :)

  • Tressa Lapham-Green

    I need the gap fill, what a brilliant invention. That bit of the car is like the black hole of calcutta with money, lighters, lip sticks & lego men lost forever!

  • Emily Knight

    Definitely the Auto Glym, it’s a great product!

  • Jenny

    Auto Glym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels and Interior Gift Collection would be perfect for me neighbour

  • Ellie powell

    The seat gap filler is a great idea.

  • Jennifer Deavall

    The Car Seat Gap Fill sounds amazing – I had no idea such a thing existed.

  • Nancy Bradford

    The iOBD2 Engine Diagnostics. My engine light was flashing for about six months and it would have been handy to have this.

  • Cory Joy

    iOBD2 Engine Diagnostics!!!!

  • FledglingTwit

    Breathalyzer, sometimes you need to prove to a mate they should not drive

  • Jayne K

    Breffo Spiderpodium


    Auto glym for me…use it all the time!

  • Lydia Frew

    The ice scraper. There is no point in even starting the engine if you can’t see where you are going.

  • highrising51

    The scraper – I can NEVER get out of bed that 5 minutes earlier to deice the car – I need all the help I can get!!

  • hannahlw85

    The RAC ice scraper, I have bad shoulers that are made worse by icy conditions so to have a telescopic one would be so hugely helpful

  • K Alman

    the Snow brush, squuge, ice scraper is always a needed item…..

  • Phillip Davies

    #4 iOBD2 Engine Diagnostics

  • Soozie patel

    Car seat gap fill – I so need this.

  • surrey34

    The Auto Glym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interior Kit

  • Helen Tobin-Perry

    I keep coming back to this post to drool over the Christmas wish list for motorists. Many years ago I was lucky enough to try & love a few autoglym products – especially the glass polish. It’s a little bit of effort for amazing results. I’ve been extra good all year but Santa brought me substandard car shampoo and glass cleaner with which after 3 hours of toil yesterday – I’m still very sad with the results. I’ve retweeted, crossed my fingers-hoping that I can get my “old workhorse” back to looking shiny and loved with some auto glym magic. X

  • Hucking Fell

    iOBD2 Engine Diagnostics a great device and would save a lot of money and worry

  • Sarah Davies

    The iOBD2 Engine Diagnostics sounds good to me