What we learned from the Amarok Trailblazers Challenge

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With the release of any new car model, questions are inevitably going to arise. Upgrades, downgrades, engine power – it’s anyone’s guess. True to form, with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ announcement of the 2017 version of the super-powered Amarok pick-up truck, drivers were left wondering just what would make this update bigger and better. That’s where the Amarok Trailblazers Challenge comes in.

With the release of the new Amarok, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have launched a video capturing what they’ve dubbed the Trailblazers Challenge, in which two already well-versed off-road drivers take the new model for a spin and complete what would be, to a lesser car, some treacherous challenges.

The two teams must drive over steep rocks and through wet sand and mud, as well as picking up loads and even a sheep dog in the process. But nothing is quite a match for the Amarok, even when the drivers seem uncertain about the challenges themselves. After all, that’s where the 8-speed automatic gearbox comes in handy.

From the video it’s pretty clear – the VW Amarok is in a league of its own as far as mid-sized pick-up trucks go. Its 3.0L V6 engine outputs an incredible 550Nm of torque in its most powerful state of tune, revving from zero to 62mph in just a little over eight seconds. Its 4MOTION four-wheel drive also means it can go anywhere, anytime, as we saw when the Amarok cruised with ease through wet country lanes.

We also learned just how roomy the back end of the truck is, both the bed and the back seats. The back comfortably fits three, while the bed has a 2.52m² load surface – sizeable enough to fit a flat-lying Euro pallet. The only thing we didn’t see much of in the video are the heated seats, the electronic voice amplification features and the colour touch-screen in the front – but that’s what test drives are for, right?

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