Nextbase 402 G Professional Dashboard Camera Review

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Reverse on back a couple of years and the dashboard camera market was in its infancy, meaning choice was limited and prices were high. However, thanks to reduced manufacturing costs and increased take-up (in part because of a plethora of insurance discounts that have been made available to those who have a dashboard camera fitted), the number of credible devices on offer today sits well and truly in double digits.

Of the devices on offer, we’ve test many, most recently we tried out the Snooper DVR 3-HD, a device that’s similar in price, practicality and capability to the Nextbase 402 G Professional that we’ll be test driving today.

As with the Snooper device, the 402 G Professional is ready to use straight out of the box and once installed will automatically begin recording as and when the vehicle is in use. The key difference between this device and the Snooper dash cam we tested is the fact that the later of the two is designed to be half-concealed behind the rear view mirror, which instantly seems like a great idea. However, upon realising that the screen needs to be accessed in order to make use of some functionality, it doesn’t seem quite so wise after all.

Of course, the dash cam can easily be detached from the windscreen, bringing full operation within easy reach, simply release the lever and pull the suction cap free from the glass. Admittedly some may find the need to remove the device from time to time, rather annoying, but I’d suggest it’s a reasonable compromise.

That said, where the design of the NextBase device is lacks real thought, it redeems itself with a vast plethora of hi-tech features that’ll have the geeks among us singing its praises for weeks to come (myself included).

Before we delve into the tech side of the device, it’s worth pointing out that unlike some devices the Nextbase comes with a cable that’s plenty long enough to be routed around the windscreen and under the carpet, meaning there’s no need for dangling wires.

Tech wise, the Nextbase 402 G Professional device features full 1080p HD video recording, something you won’t find on those cheap and nasty sub £20 dash cams that are hovering around on eBay and Amazon at the moment. The 402 G has also been designed to double as a point and shoot camera, which could prove invaluable for capturing on the spot evidence of crash damage.

Footage wise, there’s a 6G sharp glass lens along with a 140 degree viewing angle which makes for some super clear daytime footage. Number plates of cars in front are easily legible (depending on the distance between you and the other car) as too are those of on coming cars.

Footage captured during hours of low light or even darkness is of lesser quality, but still impressively sharp even when compared to some more premium dashboard cameras.

In addition, there’s GPS logging, date and time stamp which helps give footage extra validity in scenarios where it is passed on to insurers. The Nextbase 402 G Professional also has built in motion detection, which means that if high G-forces are detected (I.e a collision or emergency breaking), not only is the incident automatically recorded, but the device knows not to overwrite this footage, thus preserving it as potential evidence.

The aforementioned footage is stored on a micro SD card, the device takes anything up to a maximum of 32 GB and once full the device is set up to automatically loop, meaning it records over old footage and there’s no need to manually wipe the card. However, it’s worth noting that the Nextbase doesn’t come with a micro SD card included, but you can pick one up for less than a tenner.

There’s also a 2.7 inch LCD screen, which allows for instant footage playback along with access to an on-screen menu. The aforementioned menu is navigated by a series of buttons that are located either side of the screen.

In the box you’ll also find a HDMI cable, which enables you to easily link the camera up to a TV and play the footage back in the comfort of your own home and without the need to remove the memory card, connect to a computer and burn a DVD. For added convenience the box also contains a cigarette lighter charger and a USB cable.

Our Verdict

All things considered the Nextbase 402 G Professional is a super premium bit of kit for a far from premium price of £149.99, there’s no wonder it’s been awarded a Which? Best Buy in July 2015.

Yes, it may have the odd flaw such as the need to detach it from the windscreen in order to make use of some functionality, but this won’t be a daily occurrence and its high spec features more than make up for this minor annoyance.

What about other reviews?

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AOL – AOL Cars said “If you’re after a relatively inexpensive dash cam, this model offers strong image quality which beats some models which cost twice as much”.

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  • lorrainejohnson

    I love the security of knowing it is recording every time I am out in the car

  • Janet Humphrey

    I have a go-pro to use with my cycle., so this is a very good idea – love the facts of having cigarette lighter charger and a USB cable. – handy in case anything needs to be taken off to use for evidence!

  • Dave

    Love the GPS logging & G force metering not to mention the instant playback on a decent size screen, nice one

  • Dianne

    Love the peace of mind of having recordings available if needed for any insurance purposes!

  • Tamalyn Roberts

    the gps logging with time and date is fab, my son has been uising his go pro camera since he passed his test in april, catching the odd car cutting him up lol he would love a proper dashcam

  • winnie

    the footage can be stored to a microSD card

  • Julie Page

    Love the thought of having the recorded evidence there as required if something happens.

  • Lauren Pilkington

    if something happened then id like having this to back me up with the details of what happened

  • Allan Mees

    nice long cable to save distraction in middle of windscreen – it would be nice if it could be rechargeable instead so no cable required when driving

  • tammy

    I like the fact you can use an SD card

  • David Paterson

    Good quality, great storage

  • Zoe Goulding

    The GPS logging, this is a good piece of kit, would love this

  • Josh normanton

    It has a SD card slot

  • Jason Smith

    1080p at that price is awesome!

  • daisyduck

    Great price and a clear picture

  • julie kenny

    Love the peace of mind and the SD card slot

  • Maddalena Spadone Dalton

    great price

  • jo johnson

    GPS logging, date and time stamp which helps give footage extra validity in scenarios where it is passed on to insurers

  • Caroline Clarke

    Date and time stamp – so useful!

  • clair brown

    I love GPS logging, but also 1080p recording to ensure you can pick up number plates if needed.

  • Laura Hill

    Really like the fact it’s small and co pact with a long wire so it doesn’t continually annoy when changing gear

  • Matthew “tornadomanuk” C

    1080p is a must for detailed video, plus a date/time stamp is a must for insurance purposes. Great product.

  • Andy W

    Having a date/time stamp is very handy for Insurance

  • Deeceeha

    The best feature for me is the decent sized screen, I wouldn’t need to put on my reading specs to see it!

  • C Kennedy

    The 1080p sounds great as it means you’d actually be able to see detail on the video!

  • Dawn Canning

    This model sounds brilliant-they’ve thought of everything.

  • Sarah Gardiner

    I think the date/time is very useful

  • Zoe C

    Recording on to an SD card makes for easy viewing!

  • Sarah Bell

    Looks like a good sized screen which is great!

  • Amelia Kennedy

    Good sized screen and great price!

  • Jenny Brown

    I like the motion detector in case of collisions!

  • Paula Burnside

    I love the Time/Date stamp. Great for passing on to insurers if needed.

  • brucencole

    Easy to use straight out of the box… great! Hate having to mess around for hours with settings.

  • David Powell

    The time will come when all cars are fitted with these as standard.

  • rachel381

    The motion detection is a fantastic feature to automatically record once it thinks there may be a collision or incident.

  • Claire Blaney

    The quality look & sounds amazing nice size screen it just gives that extra bit of protection which makes me feel safer

  • Lindsay

    Looks to be the best dashcam on the go at the moment

  • zoe

    looks nice and easy to use for tech shy folks, like me

  • juliebooth

    Great gadget. The date and time stamp is very useful and it looks easy to use.

  • paul

    Fab prize a must these days with all the idots on the road

  • anthony harrington

    I really like the fact that it loops and therefore no need to keep clearing down the SD card, you really can just leave it to do all the work! very impressive. I am looking to buy a dashboard camera for our Daughter, so i have bookmarked this!

  • Julie Guy

    I like the big screen and motion detector. Great price too.

  • Stuart Allen

    all that storage!

  • chris2468

    what you like most about the Nextbase dashboard camera . . . . . . . . . so many great points, hard to say which is my favourite – motion detector maybe

  • eastsaxony

    smart device, now on my wishlist

  • amyjbeckett

    Love the size.

  • Jen Everdecreasingcircles Engl

    I like the automatic loop, saves having to take it indoors to delete everything. Our old one always comes up ‘full’ at the most inconvenient times.

  • Brenda Heads

    I like the automatic loop, letting the ‘tech’ do all the hard work.

  • Kimberley Ryan

    love that it has a 140 degree viewing angle and that number plates of cars in front are easily legible

  • Carole

    The motion detector is a great asset to this camera

  • Mark Eastwood

    The date and time stamp is useful feature

  • Rachael Monkton

    Quality of the video! even at night its fantastic for quality.

  • Bryony Brooke

    The wide viewing angle

  • Charlotte

    The motion detector


  • silversurfer

    The screen looks cool! I think it’s a great addition to the camera, as you can actually see what you’re recording!

  • Anita Chance

    That you can use it to take pictures as well as record.

  • Angela Treadway

    Just how small it is! X

  • moonray69

    I think the automatic loop is brilliant!!

  • Stephanie Coals

    You can take photos as well as record footage :)

  • Gordon MacKinnon

    Certainly the photographic a district nurse..sometimes the traffic and actions are worth a photo

  • Veronika Simonova

    140 degree viewing angle

  • Lucky Dan

    I like the hdmi function for putting it on the big screen at home

  • rainbow1811

    HDMI cable, which enables you to easily link the camera up to a TV and play the footage back in the comfort of your own home

  • rainbow1811

    Automatic loop

  • Richard Rowley

    HD recording so it captures number plates and other details that are good to have should the worst happen and you are involved in an accident

  • Maralyn Smith

    So necessary in these times of “crash for cash” – wish I had one. Should make them a standard fitnent in all new cars.

  • John Russell

    I think it is a nifty little design. you know its there, but its not intrusive. a little tech secret for the car

  • Kathleen marsden

    It’s wide viewing angle can see anything. The automatic Loop is Wow.

  • Paul Smith

    The image quality on this looks great. I’ve seen some footage from the cheap ones and in many cases it’s just a waste of time!

  • Sarah N

    I like the fact that it has a good image quality. Sadly necessary these days. Too many crash for cash incidents these days.

  • Gavin

    I like the face it is quite small an unobtrusive.

  • haxell

    I like the fact that it is ready to use straight from the box – no tricky setup needed!

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  • Anthea Holloway

    The best part about is the quality of the image and the ease of use.

  • Mike

    Automatic loop and the quality of the recording

  • janine atkin

    image quality looks amazing

  • Andrew Phillips

    The 140 degree viewing angle

  • Rachel Daine

    stunning image quality

  • Helen Adams

    That you can take photos as well as video

  • Kristyn

    I like the size of the Nextbase dashboard camera

  • Duncan Campbell

    I absolutely love the awesome ability to plug in an SD card – with the maximum capacity of 32GB, and a cheap price, plenty of great footage is guaranteed :)

  • williamgould

    If it’s a Which best buy, that’s good enough for me!

  • Geoff Mse Fortt

    Great quality recording

  • Hertschick

    I think the motion detection is a great idea as if the worst happens it gives you one less thing to worry about

  • Sarah M

    motion detector and the price isn’t too bad either!

  • Monika

    that you can take photos

  • Geoff Hibbert

    The motion detector is a great idea.

  • Kate Leatherpants

    I love all of it, would be fab to have one of these as there are so many idiots about nowadays

  • Jen Webb

    My car was keyed l;ast night so this would be amazing! The motion detector sounds fab xx

  • Dawn Underwood

    The motion detector is a great idea!

  • Louise A Can

    that you can take photos if you dont happen to have your phone handy!!

  • Tim Bain

    Motion detection is so sensible.

  • Mat

    I really like the HDMI cable & functionality, enabling users to link the camera up to a TV or a monitor and play the footage back to review it. Very useful. Good luck everyone!

  • mrsthelens

    how easy it is to link it up to a tv

  • ✰★ღ Kayleigh ✰★ღ

    Motion detection! I’d love to own this bad boy and stick it in my new Nissan qashqai

  • Phillip James Davies

    GPS logging, date and time stamp for presenting as evidence.

  • chimocho

    GPS logging would be great if you ever needed to report an accident! (@SammiLMcS)

  • ♫ Alison M ♪

    GPS logging, date and time stamp is handy

  • David Clark

    Motion detection is a very good idea

  • Victoria Prince

    I like the motion detection feature :)

  • Eliequeen

    I love the idea, that if the worst should happen, you have a record of everything. Especially with the antics of some drivers (both young & old) these days.

  • Philip St

    Nice styling – some cheap cams look… cheap!

  • Megan Kinsey

    I really like the size and design – it’s not too big that it would be distracting or obstruct your view.

  • Melanie Gardiner

    Motion detection is my favourite feature

  • Jackie ONeill

    motion detection is a fab feature

  • Chris

    GPS, Date and Time logging

  • Belinda Porter

    it is a shame that we have to use devices like these to protect ourselves from false claims this one looks stylish and the motion detection should deter thiefs

  • Allison Mary

    motion detection would be great!

  • Daniel Coles

    GPS and look good.

  • emma j lowe

    the motion sensor

  • Vangage McIntosh

    Motion Sensor for the walmart parking lot! Now I can see karts hitting my car. ;)

  • MrRichTea

    motion sensor

  • Neil Pearson

    Motion detection is my favourite feature

  • Joanna Rubies

    Nice smart design.

  • Laura Norman

    Need one of these!

  • aboooo

    I’ve just had somebody run thier wing mirror down the side of my car and then drive off with stuck in traffic. I’ve just realised we all need one of these.

  • Sarah R

    I think this model looks easy to use, a must have for me.

  • Michelle Carlin

    The Image Quality is excellent – so much better than some others I’ve seen.

  • Clare Bluett

    Image quality seems to be key

  • Jennie Jackson Mse

    the image quality

  • Kat Allinson

    THe GPS Logging is brilliant

  • Sarah Bates

    Motion detection- who knew!! Fab idea.

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    The image quality looks fab!

  • Keshia Esgate

    Love the size, its just right!

  • Jennifer Turnbull

    I like the idea of having a camera to record any incidents.

  • tubbyj

    motion detector is a great feature

  • Sarah H

    Love the motion detection feature and the fact that the device knows not to overwrite this footage

  • san

    Motion detection

  • barbara madden

    I like the shape and size, its round corners are far better than some that I have seen

  • Jamie

    GPS logging, date and time stamp I think is a great added feature :)

  • Andrew Hindley

    GPS Logging

  • Lisa Wilkinson

    I think it’s good that the footage can be saved to a HD card for future reference.

  • windowmouse

    bring able to record and keep the footage

  • Maureen Quinnell

    like the idea of the GPS stamping as this would help clarifying any claims

  • Jeremy

    I would love to win this as it would be fantastic evidence in the event of an accident. A coiuple of years ago I was hit by a vehicle that had ignorred a red light and they denied it. The claim was eventually settled in my favour because of CCTV that pointed across the junction. When I asked insurers if it was possible to obtain the footage from a council owned CCTV the third party admitted they may have crossed the junction just as the lights had changed. In fact they had crossed long after the lights changed but there was no point arguing as they were admitting liability. A dashcam would have proved I was crossing a green light so much earlier.

  • Michelle Ptak

    I love would love one of these to catch any incidents that might occur.

  • Jodie Harvey

    the GPS logging

  • Ellen Sheppard

    The instant playback feature sounds like it would be handy.

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    Lovee the GPS such a good idea

  • helenthemadex

    so many great features gps logging and time and date feature

  • emma walters

    Love that it has motion detection

  • yclark

    i love that you have instant footage if there are ever any problems whilst out on the road

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    I like the motion detection most about the Nextbase dashboard camera it would be very useful.

  • Louise Middleton

    The instant playback is my fave feature :D

  • Jamie Millard

    The fact that it is 1080p – super quality providing real evidence. I do like that it also takes stills!

  • Vicky-Louise Robinson

    I like the fact that it has a 2.7″ LCD screen because a lot of dash cameras don’t have a screen to double check any footage straight away. I would like the security of having everything recorded.

  • Charlie

    GPS and the amazing design :)

  • cathrynbowen

    I love the reassurance of having everything recorded

  • denise

    the ability to save to a HD card for storing if required

  • Lorraine Anderson Mse

    Would love to win this and I have just had a 50/50 claim that wasn’t my fault and this camera would prevent this from happening again.

  • George Worboys Wright

    Built in motion detection that records the incident automatically & won’t overwrite the footage.

  • Hayley Marie

    This would be ideal to catch those people who cause accidents but get away with it because of no evidence. I’d love to win this,

  • Jenette Ogborn

    save to a HD card meaning you can record more and also store for longer !!

  • Nick

    I like the clarity of the images

  • Jojo

    There is a GPS logging, date and time stamp which helps give footage extra validity in scenarios where it is passed on to insurers

  • Melissa Lee

    The design is very nice

  • Emma

    The images look pretty good