Riced Hyundai Genesis Used to Demonstrate HTRAC Technology

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Yeah you read it right, I said riced and when you hit play above you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

However, we’re not here to have a dig at another riced out ride because unlike the countless tastelessly riced cars across the globe, the red aftermarket wheel lights that have been fitted to this Hyundai Genesis actually serve a purpose.

The purpose of those aforementioned red wheel lights is to help us all better understand how the Korean manufacturer’s HTRAC technology works and I have to admit it’s a pretty damn awesome way of doing so.

Essentially, HTRAC is an all-wheel drive system that’s been developed to help the car achieve an optimal driving balance whether you’re driving on bumpy roads, curvy lanes or waterlogged motorways. In the process it gives the Genesis some pretty awesome all-weather performance characteristics.

HTRAC does this by automatically adjusting the braking power of both the left and right wheels, but also the amount of power distributed and the speed of the car, the result is a cutting-edge four-wheel-drive system that’s exclusive to Hyundai.

Left feeling confused? You’re not alone, however, check out the video (above) and it will all begin to make perfect sense.

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