Sponsored Video: Scania 140 V8 Watch Bracelet

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Scania have just released a bunch of new apps that aim to promote wellbeing among professional drivers and are now available to download via the Apple App Store.

Delving into those apps in more detail, they are centred around health tracking for the individual driver and provide features specifically designed for the aforementioned occupation, where ultimately, long periods of sitting are combined with short bursts of physical labour.

Released under the banner of the Apple Watch Scania Edition, the news comes alongside that of the launch of the Scania 140 V8 watch bracelet, which has been made available for purchase via Scania resellers.

Expertly crafted from a renowned LB 140 V8 engine block, which has been melted, re-forged and subsequently turned into a cast iron bracelet, it serves as an unbelievably stylish addition to the watch.

Furthermore, Scania have released an awesome video that specifically introduces the Scania 140 V8 watch bracelet and you can check it out below.

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