Top Three Considerations When Operating a Small Business Fleet

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Operating a fleet can be far from simple, that’s why most big business who do employ experienced fleet managers to do the hard graft for them. However, if you don’t have a fleet manager, can’t foot the added expense or operate to small a fleet to justify the position, things can be overwhelming.

Thankfully there’s a bunch of technology that can help streamline many aspects of fleet management. From fuel expenses, to vehicle safety and theft prevention to accident investigation and liability for insurance proposes, there’s a whole of seemingly life saving options on the market.

Here, we’ll take a look at three of those products and services and the positive impact they could have on your fleet without you having to break the bank in order to obtain them.

Fuel Cards

Managing fuel expenses can be fairly complex and some might say that’s a bit of an under statement. From ensuring that any fuel purchased by the company is used by the company to attributing individual costs to each vehicle, there’s lots to consider.

However, there is a surprisingly simple way to manage this and that’s by way of introducing company fuel cards such as those offered by Cambrian Fuel Card Services. With such a system in place fuel expenditure is automatically attributed to a particular vehicle at time of purchase.

Not only that, but for companies that have a pay and reclaim approach, which often inhibits the companies ability to reclaim VAT by way of employees failing to retain receipts, there could be huge cost savings.

Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking can prove invaluable for ensuring driver compliance, but also tracking a vehicle in the event of loss or suspected theft. The later of which could result in a full and timely recovery of your vehicle and goods, potentially saving your business a small fortune and tons of hassle.

These days most big fleets have comprehensive tracking devices and support packages in place. However, this invaluable yet surprisingly inexpensive addition, (available for less than £15 per month depending on the number of vehicles you have) is often overlooked by smaller operators.

Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard cameras have risen massive in popularity over the past few years, in particular it can be accredited to a series of high profiles events such as the Russian meteor landing that have been captured on them.

Essentially, consumers are using them as an aid in proving fault after being involved in a road traffic collision, for which the benefits are huge. However, their worth is perhaps even greater when implemented by fleet operators of any size.

Enabling fleet managers to quickly and easily investigate reports of dangerous driving and prove if in fact the report was credible or not, but also prove where the fault lies following a collision. Even if the fleet in question has budget contrasts and only comprises of a handful of vehicles, the benefits are likely to massively outweigh the initial cost, which incidentally can be as little as £70 – £100 per camera.

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