Want To Buy An Audi A3? Here’s Why You Should

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Let’s not kid ourselves, buying a new car is big business. The vehicle will more than likely signal your biggest financial purchase of the year. More importantly, it will probably have a bigger impact on your daily life than any other item too.

I, like many others, have always had a huge fascination with Audi models. The German manufacturer boasts a rich history of producing stunning cars. In my humble opinion, the Audi A3 sits at the very top of their quality production line. If you’ve been considering this fantastic car as your next option, I’d strongly suggest that you take the plunge.



First and foremost, vehicles produced by the German manufacturer aren’t as expensive at you might think. This is especially true when you use a dedicated dealership. Experts at Inchcape Audi won’t just help you find an Audi A3; they’ll help you find the Audi A3 that’s best suited to your needs.

When sat alongside similarly priced vehicles from other manufacturers, the Audi A3 will always stand out as the better value. With the help of finding the best add-ons and most cost-effective repayment plan, you cannot go far wrong.

Getting great value for money is crucial, but it’s not the only key element to buying a car. The new purchase should leave you beaming as you leave the forecourt. The style of an A3 won’t just put a smile on your face, but it will keep it there for years to come too.

As with any Audi, the A3 boasts a sleek looking exterior that will sit proudly on your driveway. When combined with arguably the most comfortable and stylish standard seating on the market, this car is a dream. We all know that appearances are crucial, but this German powerhouse also packs a solid punch too.



The hatchback could arguably be a little more roomy in the back, but it’s more than adequate. Everything else is a dream. The cabin technology is fantastic. Meanwhile, simple features like climate control are mastered to perfection. Whether you’re using the car for city driving or long motorway journeys doesn’t matter. You will always feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Performance wise, the 1.4l option is more than powerful enough while the 1.8l boasts some serious oomph. I think, realistically, the former is a better option. However, I cannot deny that the prospect of completing a few laps of the local track in a 1.8l is very appealing.

Handling is firm yet comfortable, regardless of which A3 you opt for. Meanwhile, the car also gained a five-star rating at Euro NCAP testing and boasts side airbags as standard too. With basic maintenance, the car should stay in perfect condition.

When you buy an Audi A3, you’ll probably want to drive it for years. Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that the vehicle holds value too. When you do eventually come to selling, you’ll be able to get a deal that’s almost as good as the purchase.

Most drivers love the idea of driving an Audi, and the A3 is the most practical option for most modern motorists. That dream to drive a car by the German giant is more accessible than ever. Don’t let it pass you by.

Joseph is a dedicated and passionate motoring enthusiast. Usually found behind the wheel of a white Ford Fiesta ST, but dreams of driving a Bugatti Veyron. Connect with Joseph via Twitter.