Men are involved in 70% of all road traffic accidents according to a new study

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Like a battle of the sexes – The question of whether men are safer drivers than women or indeed vice versa is a strongly contested, banter driven debate on both sides of gender divide. However, thanks to a new study, it looks like we now have a conclusive answer.

Using road traffic accident data obtained from the Department for Transport, the study reveals that men were involved in 70% of the 241,344 road traffic accidents recorded in 2015. Meanwhile, women were involved in just 30%.

Produced by Cute Injury, the study appears to make grim reading for males, but us males can rest easy for a second as the gender blame isn’t necessarily as clear cut as it might seem. For a start, despite a sharp rise in the number of women drivers, there remains more male drivers on the road. Meanwhile, male drivers also make considerably more journeys. With this in mind the large gap in numbers by gender begins to enter the realms of justification.

Underage males are involved in four accidents per day

Continuing the gender trend and perhaps unsurprisingly, the data also revealed that more underage males are involved.  in accidents when compared to females. Of the 241,344 road traffic accidents recorded in 2015, 0.9% involved males aged 11 to 15 – that amounts to four per day. Meanwhile, just 0.2% involved women of the same age.

The reason? Perhaps a ‘boy racer’ culture that encompasses the weekly late-night supermarket carpark meet and often fuels a sense of ‘invincibility’ and the need to ‘show off’among peers – just my views.

90% Of women involved in accidents we’re driving a car compared to just 62% of males

Aside from the gender divide in the total number of accidents, the study also includes analysis of what type of vehicles both males and females were driving when accidents occurred.

  • Over 90% of accidents involving women happened when they were driving a car compared to just 62% for males
  • 11.1% of accidents involving males happened when they were riding a motorcycle compared to just 2% for women.
  • 2.8% of accidents involving males happened when they were driving a bus compared to just 0.5% for women.
  • 7.2% of accidents involving males happened when they were driving a van compared to 0.8% for women.
  • 3.5% of accidents involving males happened when they were driving a van compared to just 1.1% for women

The data also revealed:

  • 62.2% of all accidents involving men happen when they are driving as part of their job.
  • 53.5 of all accidents involving women happen during their commute to or from work
  • 10% off all accidents involving women occurred while they were ferrying the kids to or from school compared to just 1.1% for males.

If you’re longing for more interesting facts about road traffic accidents in the UK, you can view the full study here: Car accident causes – the differences between male and female drivers

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