Smartphone Games That Are As Fun As Driving A Ferrari

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We can’t all commute to work or go on a leisurely road trip in a Ferrari, but we can all be record smashing racing drivers that drive Lamborghini’s and other top luxury brands. In the virtual world that is.

There are loads of great apps out there which put you in the driver’s seat and they are often deliberately designed to be utterly addictive, making you feel like you could take the wheel of a real sports or rally car.

Here are some of the best of the bunch – be warned, you will get hooked.

Asphalt Racer 7: Heat


The Asphalt cross-platform series is incredibly popular due to brilliant visuals and choice of prestigious cars from brands such as Ferrari and Aston Martin. You can also live out your time travelling fantasies by opting for the world famous DeLorean of Back To The Future fame.

With the ability to play against 5 of your friends or online players on one of 15 different tracks of well-known cities across the world, you can compare your stats to race against those that are going to offer you real competition.

Add to this 6 separate gameplay modes, 15 leagues and 150 different races for a guaranteed time killing masterpiece of a game. Asphalt Racer 7 is £0.69 on Google Play and iTunes. Its sequel, Asphalt Racer 8: Airborne is available on Google Play here.

Ridge Racer Slipstream


Another admired series is Ridge Racer, described as the ultimate arcade racing experience. The latest incarnation Slipstream has only just been added to Google Play and is also available on iOS for £0.69. The developer’s aim is to create the console experience on your mobile or tablet with its multiple challenges, tracks and modes.

You also have the luxury of hundreds of customisation functions for your chosen vehicle and at time of writing, the app has 12 hugely powerful ones to choose from.

Whilst the locations are not based on known areas like Asphalt’s, they are incredibly detailed and challenging terrains to test your abilities. Plenty of twists and turns to drift along at speeds of over 150 MPG.

Real Racing 3


Racing games not real enough for you? Well then you need Real Racing which prides itself on its licensed tracks and detailed cars which include Porsche, Audi in addition to Bugatti as just a few of its options. This is not to mention the numerous awards the franchise has won.

Trumping the number of vehicles available in Asphalt or Ridge Racer, the 70 cars can be tested on an authentic 22-car race grid on 12 unique tracks. Much like Asphalt, Real Racing also extends its authenticity to include real race tracks from across the world, including but not limited to Silverstone and the Dubai Autodrome.

If you’re the kind of racer who gets pretty tenacious against competitors, then you’ll be glad to know that Real Racing 3 features detailed car damage and fully functioning rear views. Watch fellow racers eat your dust in over 1,500 available events. Download for free from iOS here, or Google Play here.

Fast and the Furious 6: The Game


If you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, then this game is for you. All tracks are based around the streets of London, and there are plenty of rewards to be earned for completing awesome heists.

Use the fruits of your labour to unlock or upgrade cars and join with fellow racers to compete in global leader boards. Expect stunning visuals and pure unadulterated intensity. Available for free from Google Play and iTunes.

CSR Racing


Another freebie here, this game allows you to race your dream car along deserted city streets and compete against your friends to win super cars and car accessories modify your motor. You’ll also earn the respect of the city districts as you compete against tough to bear bosses. Get downloading for iOS or Google Play and race fully licensed vehicles from BMW, Chevrolet and Mini.

There we have it, just some of the best racing apps to get your blood pumping and virtual tyres spinning. Just remember, many of these highly visual games will require a certain amount of data so don’t get beaten by lag. They will also in some cases include in-app purchases, so try your best to not max out your credit card on the way to the top!

This post was written by James Dickinson from Parts Gateway, a car parts finder service for new and used parts.


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